Community Honors Student’s Life; Raises Funds for HHI

In 2013, a student attending MidAmerica Nazarene University travelled to Haiti on a service trip to work with Heart to Heart International.  The trip affected Quincy Foster enough that she changed her college major to nursing.  Before she could return to Haiti on another trip, she died in a car crash.

quincyThe university’s campus community has long supported HHI, specifically our work to improve health and communities in Haiti.  Students on service trips have focused much of their time and energy in the Cascade Pichon area, a remote region of Haiti where HHI runs a health clinic among other things.  Their recent efforts have helped with the construction of a new school for children in the region.

Quincy Foster died on New Years Day of 2015 in southeast Kansas in a head-on collision with a semi-truck. She was 20 years old.  Foster grew up in Arizona playing soccer with the Phoenix Rush Soccer club and attended MNU on a soccer scholarship.  To honor her memory, a new soccer field is currently being cleared and built in the village.  

CP soccer field

A campaign called LQVE was recently launched (the Q is for Quincy) to share more about the young woman, her passions and her legacy.  The campaign features t-shirts with LQVE emblazoned on the front along with a book written by Quincy Foster’s father as he explores dealing with the loss of a daughter.

Proceeds from the sale of these items benefit both HHI’s humanitarian work in Haiti, the university’s student service programs, and the building of the soccer field.  At last check, the LQVE effort has raised more than $2,000 for HHI in recent weeks from sales of the book.