Critical medial aid to African hospitals

More than $350,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment were distributed to two hospitals in Africa – Chambani Hospital in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and Yagoori Hospital in Lascanod, Somaliland. The medical equipment and supplies were donated by Heart to Heart International and distributed through the nonprofit organization Helping Hands for Relief and Development. The medical aid in the shipment included wheelchairs, hospital beds, stethoscopes, oxygen concentrators, and PPE. This aid will greatly improve the ability of the hospitals to care for its patients.

Chambani Hospital in Zanzibar, Tanzania:

Medical assistance can be hard to find in Tanzania, particularly outside of major cities. Inadequate funding plagues the country’s public health system with the result that the available facilities, staff and resources are not adequate to accommodate Tanzania’s growing population.

“This donation has equipped Chambani Hospital with advanced medical machines and supplies, thus improving the healthcare system of Zanzibar,” Helping Hands for Relief and Development said. “Projects like this donation are a key part of the vision to improve all healthcare across Africa. The Ministry of Health is grateful for this generous donation.”

Distribution in Tanzania:

Yagoori Hospital in Lascanod, Somaliland:

Prolonged instability in Somaliland has contributed to an inability to invest in government healthcare for the country. These donated medical supplies and equipment support Helping Hands’ mission to help the less privileged members of the society in Somaliland have access to advanced medical services.

Helping Hands for Relief and Development said, “This donation has equipped many hospitals especially the governmental hospitals with advanced medical machines and supplies thus improving the healthcare system of Mogadishu.”

Distribution in Somaliland:

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