Earthquake in Morocco

In the wake of the powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck near Marrakech, Morocco, this past weekend, Heart to Heart International’s Disaster Response Team has been actively coordinating with partners in the region to assess and address the needs arising from this devastating natural disaster.

The toll of this natural disaster has been devastating, with more than 2,000 deaths and 2,000 injuries already reported. The expectation is that this number will continue to rise, particularly in the remote mountainous regions that bore the brunt of the earthquake’s force. These areas are not only geographically isolated but also notoriously difficult to access, hampering the swift arrival of rescue and relief teams.

Assessment on damage is still being conducted, and an official number of damaged or destroyed buildings is unknown at this time. The earthquake’s epicenter, largely impacting villages near Marrakech, presented a particularly challenging scenario, as many of these structures are old and inherently vulnerable to seismic activity.

On Friday, September 15, HHI sent a shipment of hygiene kits to a partner on the ground, working to help those affected by this tragic earthquake.

As the response continues and more needs of the affected communities become clear, HHI will continue to provide assistance in the most appropriate and effective manner possible.