HHI donates $9 million in aid to Sri Lanka

Working in coordination with the Sri Lankan Embassy, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka, Heart to Heart International has sent more than $9 million total in medicines and medical supplies to help the people of Sri Lanka. The medicines were received in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and distributed throughout the country to people in need.

HHI Board Member Carla Duryee met with Sri Lanka Ambassador to the US Mahinda Samarasingheh at the embassy in Washington, DC, to participate in a ceremony to commemorate the donations of aid.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Washington DC Mahinda Samarasinghe, who reached out to US donor organizations earlier this year, said that he would continue to work with humanitarian organizations and agencies to get assistance for the vulnerable people in Sri Lanka and expressed his gratitude to the Heart to Heart International for their generosity extended at this time which has proved timely and potentially lifesaving for hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans in dire need.

The Ambassador intends to continue working with humanitarian organizations and agencies to provide assistance to vulnerable segments of the population.

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