HHI meets with Ukraine doctors

Earlier this month in Kansas City, a team from Heart to Heart International met with representatives of the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine (CMAU) who were in town through a program organized by Global Ties KC .

CMAU is one of the in-country organizations we partner with to improve healthcare access for the people of Ukraine. We provide medications and supplies to support CMAU’s mobile medical clinics and distribution to existing health clinics.

When HHI met with the team members of the CMAU team, including physicians and others in medical leadership in Ukraine, they discussed ways to continue our partnership and continue helping the people of the Ukraine.

“Not only did we discuss how we can further our partnership, but we also heard about how the war has affected their lives personally and came away with an incredible appreciation for the indominable spirit of the people of Ukraine,” said Dr. Rick Randolph, Senior Chief Medical Officer at Heart to Heart International.

Check out the video below of one of HHI’s shipments of medicine being delivered to our partners at Christian Medical Association of the Ukraine (CMAU):