HHI Responds to 2018 California Wildfires


November 19, 2018 – California is experiencing what experts are calling some of the worst wildfires in the history of the state.

Camp Fire, which erupted November 8 in Butte County, has killed 77 people, destroyed more than 10,500 homes and torched 150,000 acres (roughly the size of Chicago). But, according to Cal Fire, the state’s forestry and fire protection agency, the Camp Fire probably won’t be fully contained until November 30.

In Southern California, just outside Los Angeles, the Woolsey Fire has burned almost 97,000 acres and has killed three people, but it is expected to be contained by November 22.

Rain is forecast for mid-week, which could help firefighters but also complicate the challenging search for remains. The rain could also trigger mud and rockslides in Southern California.

Dense smoke from the fires has been smothering parts of the state with what has been described as “the dirtiest air in the world.” This air is considered hazardous to all people, and public health officials have urged residents to stay indoors and keep N95 masks on when outdoors.

A shipment of N95 masks, so called because they filter out 95 percent of particulates in the air, left the Heart to Heart International warehouse on Friday, November 16, headed to those affected by these devastating fires. More shipments of supplies are planned.

Current stats as of November 18, 2018: Source

Camp Fire

  • Location: Butte County
  • 150,000 acres burned
  • 65 percent contained
  • 77 fatalities confirmed
  • 993 unaccounted for
  • 12,794 structures destroyed
  • Full containment expected Nov. 30

Woolsey Fire

  • Location: Los Angeles County, Ventura County
  • 96,949 acres burned
  • 91 percent contained
  • 3 fatalities confirmed
  • 1,452 structures destroyed, 337 damaged
  • Full containment expected Nov. 22

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