Making an Impact on Healthcare in Eswatini

In the heart of Eswatini, a small, landlocked nation in Southern Africa, Heart to Heart International has been making strides in improving healthcare access and quality through an innovative partnership with BD, a global medical technology company. Together, the organizations are helping to change lives and support communities in this under-resourced region.

A New Beginning in Malandzela

One of the project’s focal points was the construction of a new health clinic in Malandzela, one of the most remote areas served by the Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital (RFMH). This clinic, funded generously by BD, provides health services for a community whose nearest other healthcare facility is several hours walking distance away.

The new clinic replaces one that was old, only had five rooms and was in a state of disrepair. The new clinic boasts a total of 19 rooms, including a fully equipped labor and delivery room, significantly enhancing the capacity to serve the healthcare needs of the local community.

A Grand Celebration

The grand opening of the clinic was a momentous occasion, with more than 1000 people from the community coming together to celebrate this remarkable milestone. The event was filled with joy, traditional dancers, and heartfelt expressions of gratitude.

Empowering Nurses through Education

Also, 88 dedicated nurses received a week of intensive continuing education, delivered by nine BD volunteer nurse trainers. The training covered a wide range of critical topics, including infection prevention and control, diabetes, wound care, palliative care, patient and family counseling, vaccinated childhood diseases, snake bite management and more.

Each nurse received a printed notebook and digital copies of the lessons, enabling them to share their knowledge and train other nurses who couldn’t attend the sessions. Hospital nurses also collaborated to develop plans for improving infection prevention and control at the hospital, a significant step toward accreditation. Given Eswatini’s high HIV rate and the long-standing focus on HIV, these sessions addressed crucial areas often overlooked, such as non-communicable diseases.

Exploring Future Collaborations

In addition to the work on the clinic and the nurse training, HHI staff, BD executives and members from Eswatini Nazarene Health Institutions were able to meet with the Minister of Health and her staff where the group discussed further opportunities to make a difference for healthcare in Eswatini.

With continued dedication and partnerships like this, we are making a lasting impact on healthcare in Eswatini and creating a healthier, brighter future for all.