Partner Spotlight: AbbVie

AbbVie, a global biopharmaceutical company focused on the world’s toughest health challenges, has been a significant partner for Heart to Heart International (HHI) since 2013.

AbbVie’s commitment to patients’ health goes beyond its medicines as the company works to deliver sustainable solutions that improve the health of humankind. This work fits perfectly with HHI’s mission to improve access to health for people in need around the world.

From the beginning, AbbVie and the AbbVie Foundation have donated essential medicines and financially supported HHI’s programs, including its Disaster Readiness program. AbbVie’s support has been critical to HHI’s work both after disasters and for communities and health clinics throughout the world.

Since 2016, generous support from AbbVie has helped HHI to maintain existing disaster response assets to a high level of readiness and to recruit, train, and organize volunteers dedicated to the mission of HHI. AbbVie’s past support has made it possible for the HHI Disaster Response Team to be on the road within six hours of HHI’s decision to respond to a disaster.

AbbVie’s historical funding has provided HHI with the ability to effectively and efficiently deliver essential services under changing and challenging circumstances. In addition to donated medicines and past support for HHI’s disaster readiness program, AbbVie also supports HHI’s hygiene kit program.

Between 2018 and 2022, AbbVie employees have assembled thousands of hygiene kits that have been distributed to people in need after disasters or crises. These hygiene kits are crucial aspects of HHI’s disaster response and ongoing health programming, and the support from AbbVie and its employees helps make the delivery of these kits possible.

HHI is tremendously grateful and proud to partner with AbbVie. AbbVie’s support has been integral to HHI’s work, and AbbVie’s commitment to serving and supporting communities makes a lasting impact that is felt within healthcare and beyond.