Ukraine: 1 year mark

When Russia invaded Ukraine last year, Heart to Heart International immediately went to work to help put medicines, supplies and healthcare access directly into the hands of the Ukrainian families who needed it.

Unfortunately, the war has forced many desperate Ukrainian families from their homes, and in other communities, hospitals and clinics have been destroyed.     

Heart to Heart International has been honored to work with 12 different organizations, including the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, to distribute critical medicines, medical supplies and hygiene supplies to hospitals, clinics, and refugee/IDP centers throughout Ukraine.

To date, HHI has delivered $95 million in medicines, medical supplies, hygiene supplies, stand-alone portable medical clinics and humanitarian aid throughout Ukraine. These medicine shipments have helped restock empty shelves in hospitals and clinics. The hygiene supplies have supported refugees outside of Ukraine and those internally displaced in their own country. The stand-alone portable medical clinics are housed in shipping containers and are providing healthcare access in communities where the medical infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed.

We are grateful for all of our partners in Ukraine who have been working hard on the ground the deliver the aid to the people who need it most. We are also thankful for Flexport and FedEx, which have helped shipped much of the aid to Ukraine. And, we thank our many incredible donors who have supported the relief efforts and our amazing volunteers who have helped assembled a record number of hygiene kits to send to those impacted by this war in Ukraine.

Scroll down to see a timeline of HHI’s response efforts. You can donate today to help continue delivering this critical support.

Timeline of HHI response:

February 2022

  • February 24, 2022 – Invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces

March 2022

  • HHI assessment team travels to Moldova and Romania to meet with partners and determine the needs on the ground in Ukraine and to support refugees
  • Shipment of almost $20 million in medicines (52 pallets) sent to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health in partnership with HOPE worldwide. This medicine included almost 400,000 courses of treatment and was distributed to more than 100 hospitals and clinics throughout Ukraine.
  • Shipment of 10,000 Hygiene Kits to Project Hope for distribution throughout Ukraine
  • Shipment of 6,000 Hygiene Kits to Global Citizen to help refugees in Poland
  • 400+ people came to our HQ in the month of March to assemble hygiene kits for Ukraine

April 2022

May 2022

  • HHI assessment team travels to Ukraine to meet with government officials and partners who are distributing the medicine we’ve sent
  • Humanitarian Day at HHI’s headquarters invited 300+ people to assemble Hygiene Kits for Ukraine shipments
  • Have a Heart for Ukraine” was a community-wide event located at Kansas City’s Power & Light district for the members of the KC community to assemble 5,000 hygiene kits to send to Ukraine.

June 2022

  • 10,000 Hygiene Kits shipped to Step-In/The Gorta Group for distribution in Ukraine
  • 3 stand-alone portable clinics (2 primary care and 1 laboratory donated by Clinic in a Can and Worksite Labs) shipped to Step-In/The Gorta Group in Ukraine

July 2022

  • 10 “Interagency Emergency Health Kits” were sent to hospitals throughout Ukraine. Each of these kits contains enough medicine to treat 10,000 people for 3 months.
  • 28,000 Hygiene Kits delivered to Step-In/The Gorta Group
  • $5 million in medicines, including 33,000 courses of treatment distributed in Ukraine by Step-In/The Gorta Group

August 2022

  • Shipment of $7 million of medicines to Hope worldwide
  • 8 stand-alone portable medical clinics shipped to Ukraine, including a clinic sponsored by The Church of the Resurrection

September 2022

  • 35,000 Hygiene Kits sent for distribution in Ukraine by Lenexa Baptist Church
  • Shipment including 10,000 medicinal courses of treatment delivered to Ukraine
  • 3 stand-alone portable medical clinics shipped to Ukraine
  • $2.6 million in medicines (27,000 courses of treatment) shipped to Step-In/The Gorta Group for distribution throughout Ukraine.

October 2022

  • 295,000 doses of medicine worth $34 million delivered to Christian Medical Association of Ukraine
  • 9,515 doses of medicine delivered for distribution throughout Ukraine

November 2022

  • Medicines, medical supplies and Hygiene Kits delivered to multiple organizations in Ukraine

December 2022

  • Almost 7,000 doses of medicine worth $4 million distributed with HOPE worldwide in Ukraine

January 2022

  • 3 stand-alone portable medical clinics delivered to Ukraine to fill in medical infrastructure gaps