May 2024 Newsletter

May 2024

Double Your Impact with The Big Give!

When disasters strike and crises dominate the news, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of global and local needs. But you have the power to make a tangible impact. Your support is invaluable. Will you stand with us during The Big Give and empower communities in the U.S. and worldwide to access essential healthcare?

How does your donation help? Your gift …

  • Supports resilience

  • Encourages inspiration

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Your generosity is DOUBLED when you make a donation for The Big Give! All gifts are matched up to $35,000 in May!

Humanitarian Day is almost here!

Can’t make it to Humanitarian Day, but still want to support the effort?

Make a donation today to help with the assembly of hygiene kits at the event!

Hygiene Kits Sent to Help After Tornadoes

Delivering Clear Sight to Schoolchildren

A Vision Clinic at Melcher Elementary

Have you ever wondered how many children might struggle to see clearly in school? In this heartwarming video above, join Heart to Heart International as we partner with local organizations to bring vision screenings and free glasses to students at an elementary school. Watch the impact a simple eye exam and a new pair of glasses can have on a child’s confidence and ability to learn!

Hygiene Kits Delivered in Gaza

Hygiene Kit Distribution in Gaza 2024

Heart to Heart International has been working closely with partners on the ground to deliver aid to those impacted by the conflict in the Middle East. Check out the video above of one of our partners, Global Empowerment Mission, distributing our hygiene kits to families displaced in Gaza.

HHI’s efforts extend beyond hygiene kits. We’ve partnered with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to deliver menstrual pads to over 50,000 women in need.

One of our generous shipping partners, Airlink, has been instrumental in facilitating the shipment of these critical supplies. Since February, they have been flying hygiene and menstrual health products to UNFPA every few weeks. By the time the shipments conclude, 246 pallets will have been delivered to UNFPA to take into Gaza.

HHI in the News …

Have you ever wondered how HHI’s Disaster Response Team decides which disasters to respond to? We dive deep into the complex process they use to choose the situations where their help will have the biggest impact. Learn about the many factors the team considers when initiating a response!

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