Volunteer Spotlight: Orb and Roy

Orb Overly and Roy Darrah are invaluable members of the Heart to Heart International team. These essential volunteers have donated hundreds of volunteer hours and worked in three of HHI’s different warehouse locations over the years. The two friends make sure all trash from shipping and the office areas is sorted and disposed of correctly and ultimately ensure everything runs smoothly. The Dynamic Duo is here every Wednesday, and their joy for HHI and working with one another is contagious. “We call ourselves the Super Seniors!” Orb said. Roy added “Working together has been a great because I’m the Brains, and he’s the Brawn. What I forget, he remembers… and when it comes to dumping the 50 pound trash can, that’s where I get the Brawn.” Orb confirmed as Roy added, “I just watch him from inside!”

Roy remembered learning about HHI’s first airlift journey to Russia in 1992 – the one that started it all. “I started looking at what they were doing, and thought to myself when I didn’t have anything else to do, I’ll do that!” Roy officially joined in 2002, and Orb joined a few years later. Both volunteered regularly in the HHI warehouse, wearing a variety of hats. Product drives for personal hygiene kits, organizing pharmaceuticals, building first aid kits and wrapping supplies were just a few of their responsibilities. “We would pick, organize, pack and load medical supplies,” Orb summarized. This warehouse work is especially critical during disaster responses when warehouse volunteers do everything from inventory to shipping. This helps deliver critical humanitarian aid across the world.

When asked what they remembered most about their long history at HHI: “I remember it all,” said Roy. Orb shares “I came in to volunteer one morning, and there was this guy way up on a double extension ladder hanging up the flags in the warehouse.” (At HHI’s warehouses, flags of every country we have supported with our aid are displayed in our warehouse.) “So I look up and there was this man on the top of the ladder, and can you guess who it was? It was (then) HHI CEO [Jon North]. I was brought up in the Army, and you never tell someone to do something you wouldn’t do. And there the CEO was on the top of the ladder. I still have goosebumps thinking about it.

Orb summarizes perfectly what has kept him and Roy coming back: “It’s from Dr. Gary Morsch, who started Heart to Heart. His book, ‘You’ll never be the same’ – specifically the subheading ‘Transform your life by serving others.’” Volunteering has transformed his life. And his coconspirator Roy? “Roy’s really just the most easygoing, easy to get along with fella. Really easy to get along with.” “Well I put up with a lot of things!” Roy explained.

Thank you Roy and Orb for your years of hard work and service to HHI. We wouldn’t be the same without you.

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